Palmers Olive Oil Hairdress 250g

I used this product for about 3 months and definitely felt the benefits of it not containing petrolatom. My hair didn't feel sticky, it didn't feel clumpy and it didn't cause my hair to pull out when combing or brushing.

I suffer with very dry scalp so I gave this product a go to try and combat it. I intially found it really good but with like many products I try it was as if my scalp got used to it quickly and lost its effectivness.

Now I would not say it was the product that was ineffective as I have suffered with very dry scalp for most of my life and most products work amazing at first then the flaky scalp re-appears. Also my mother started using this product the same time as me and still enjoys using it.

So who would this product be good for?: Someone who's hair which is really dry and struggles to maintain any moisture. I also found it really good for when styling and adding a extra healthy looking sheen.



Application *****

Moisture to hair  ****

Moisture to scalp  ***

Smell and texture  ***